What an amazing journey it was, what a heart-warming process. Liz has helped me to find the strength and the light in myself, in order to be able to move forward on a whole new level of happiness and state of being. Helpful tips, warm words, true findings – they all passed by in the week I spend with Liz.
Having such a caring and beautiful personality around me for a week was not only a true gift; it was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself. As one experience says more than a thousand words, I would recommend everyone open to such an experience to visit Liz!
— Caroline van der Hoeven, Category Manager AH
I experienced a turbulent period where I closed my businesses, lost my father and broke up my relationship. In December 2016 I decided to go to Ibiza for a month. I had the wish to reflect and feel, in a quiet space, what was going on. Word of mouth led me to Liz. Immediately there was a good connection. After a short conversation with her on her terrace she started to work with me. After one session the energy already started to flow again. I did not know what was happening. I had two more sessions after the first one and the changes that happened after those are clearly noticeable.
— Marcel Talsma, Entrepreneur

Liz does something with people…Something that is hard to describe or grasp, but it starts a transformation process for sure.
— Maxime v. Mensel – Medical consultant, Synergy
I am super happy that I have met her in my life and she gave me the push in the back that I needed to feel the strength to continue my life.
— Filomeen Verhagen – Entrepreneur, Sunflower care
I can still observe the changings, how I do things differently in my life, how I see things in a different way, I observe my thoughts and feelings and I’m much more aware how my patterns are working and they loose their power to control my mind more and more.
— Veronique Fehlinger, Communication trainer, Switzerland

What a power! No wonder she carries the name La Force, the Force in French.

The work of Liz as a trainer/coach in combination with her intuitive healing ability is untangible and differs from the known track. But Liz knows, with a few words and much confidence, to translate the unvisible into very understandable language.
This makes her not only reliable but also usable for the general public. From Director to Shaman, from Office employee to Mother

Liz knows, in a natural way, to make bottlenecks insightful and decompiles them into a simple (-er) whole. A characteristic Dutch Soberness, which in no time can put her finger on the sore places and create clarity for the next steps.

Honest, but with love and trust, Liz gives you tools to create space, balance, and insight. A special authentic lady, who is firmly grounded.
— Sophie Jean – Marius – Owner Ibiza Zen Hotel
While deciding what to do this summer I felt like it was time to go back to the core of my existence and finding my true anchor. As being a down to earth dependable busy woman this was a major step out of my comfort zone.

As soon as I met Liz I knew why that was and I felt like this was the best decision I had ever made in my life. With her caring and warm personality, she cracked me open and showed me how every person in this world is beautiful in his or her own way. She showed me that being true to yourself is the greatest gift in life. She showed me that I can become as powerful, free and happy as Liz is and gave me all the tools to strive for this ultimate life goal. So, did I find my anchor? ! Even more than that, Liz gave me inner peace, hope and inspiration.
— Britt Roeland, Business developer, Delush