It's time to Get Real. 

Get Real in Business is the partner for expansion by authenticity.

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There lies a huge power in being your true self.

We all sometimes bump into limitations. A built in security by life itself, to motivate us to go beyond current beliefs. To find new ways to grow and expand.

To reconnect with our authentic self. Which is so much more than we often have become.

Get Real in business has created services that help you to reconnect with the life skills you need to raise your consciousness. To break through these limitations. To set yourself free.

Liz La Force has been on this path for 25 years now. Her own self has expanded into a force she now uses to guide others. She connects managers, teams and organizations with their full potential by combining personal and spiritual development methods.


Our Services

Are focused on bringing managers, teams and organizations back to their authentic power.


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The subconsciousness influences our thoughts and actions.

Get Real in Business teaches you how to be aware and conscious of these unvisible influences. The stories that unseen but very much present influence your daily work, team or business.

Liz tunes into the energy field of an individual, team or organization with her intuitive gift. With this information she is able to share with you what is going on and can develop a session which is always spot on in that moment. 

The services below give you an impression of the possibilities.


With Get Real in Business we focus on who you truly are.

So you, your team and your organization go beyond themselves. 


Why Get Real in Business?

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Authentic Leadership

➤ More overview, through inner view

There hides an enormous power in all of us. When we are able to connect with our authentic self, we can fully utilize that power. We are able to follow our heart and intuition. Which brings us in a flow. Making all we do easier, joyful and successful.

We guide you to and reconnect you with this power. With simple, down to earth methods.

Team Connection

➤ From binding to connection

Without noise our communication is clear, open and honest. Noise can occur by external, but also internal factors, like mental and emotional blockages.

Liz can make these blockages visible. Once visible you will be able to acknowledge and resolve them.



➤ The sky is the limit!

Once reconnected to your core and attuned with it, you start to grow. Both personal, and as a team and organization. As far and as much as you wish.

Liz facilitates growth spurts and functions as a catalyst in the whole process.



  • True authentic leadership
  • Shift in consciousness 
  • Better use of talents  


    • Self managing teams  
    • Clear communication 
    • Effective group dynamics


    • Unity in diversity
    • Growth & expansion
    • Joyful workplace