1. Intuitive(on the job) Coaching Sessions

➤ Liz is known for her profound to the point sessions.  

She gives intuitive coaching on the job to leaders and teams. Wherein she joins them on the job for half a day. With her ability to “see” beyond the surface, she can point out very quickly and effectively where the potential for growth and expansion lies. In you, your team or business. She will give you insights and help you to remove obstacles. So change can happen.

Price: 888 euro per (3 hour) session ex VAT 21% & travel expenses for the on the job coaching

She also offers sessions in her practice in Landsmeer or online. To book these sessions you can go here.



  • Authentic leadership

  • Breakthrough limitations

  • New energy and inspiration

  • Growth and expansion

2. Exclusive 1 on 1 Business Retreat


An island and environment that supports the retreat by its unique energy.

Liz has worked for over 6 years as a trainer and coach in business. These retreats are an extension of this work. This 1 0n 1 business retreat is perfect for those who wish to break through any (emotional or mental) barrier to open yourself up for new possibilities. But also to reconnect with your authentic self.

Potential subjects of this retreat:

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Open Communication and feedback skills

  • Team coaching

  • Intuitive development

  • Manifestation of plans

Any other subject or coaching question you have can be the center of this retreat too. Since it is fully personalized.

Methods that are used are: Intuitive Coaching, healing and meditation

Dates: on request

Price: on demand


·     3 x 1,5 hour sessions with Liz

·     Activity of your choice (yoga, creative expression, jujitsu, horse riding, hike, sailing, water skiing, cliff diving etc.)


·     Travel costs and accommodation 

·     Car rental 

·     Travel insurance

Our personal travel agent Danielle Sturm can help you with flights, accommodation and rental cars. To make your travel as smooth as possible.

Feel free to contact us here for dates and bookings





  • Balance life - work

  • Next level leadership

  • Coaching/Communication skills