We from Get Real in Business are no gurus, nor traditional trainers. We are human beings like you. We know ourselves. Our talents and limitations. We have learnt by experience(s). Both successes and failures. And we still do.

➤ We have heart for our mission. Which is to create a world that is authentic. Since we believe authenticity is the key to a happy, healthy and successful life.

Photo of Liz La Force

Liz La Force

➤ Liz was already interested in life questions like who am I and why am I here, at a very young age.

Liz had the challenge to stay connected to herself while growing up in a business environment. Being born in an entrepreneurial family as a highly intuitive and sensitive person. She lost and found herself on her path. Learning and growing through multiple trials and errors. Both personal and business wise.

The last 25 years she has learnt to embrace all aspects of life and herself. Reconnecting with her (compassionate) heart. 

Nowadays she guides other business (people) back to their authentic self and inner power across the globe. More about Liz and her path on www.lizlaforce.com.

She works together with a network of great professionals, all experts in their own field.

When you would like to reach out to Liz directly, then please send an email to, liz@getrealinbusiness.com.

➤Connect with Liz on Linkedin.